Manufactured by Tata Steel in world’s most advanced steel plant. Made from pure steel, with controlled chemistry, every rebar incorporates the most advanced TMT technology from Tempcore. Belgium and has a perfect combination of strength and ductility. Tata Tiscon is available in different grades including Tata Tiscon 500D, Tata Tiscon Super ductile rebars & Tata Tiscon CRS as per the latest international standards for better strength, safety and economy.

About tata tiscon 500D

Tata Tiscon 500D is produced in FE 500D IS: 1786 grade, the latest revision in of Indian Standard of Rebars (BIS) in 2008. Its carbon level are maintained at much lower than specification, which results in excellent ductility, high bend ability, better corrosion resistance and superior weld ability. The other undesirable impurities (like sulphur and phosphorus) that impair the over all longetivity of rebars inside constructions are maintained at much lower than specifications.

Product Range

TATA TISCON 500D is available for all reinforcement applications ranging from small individual houses to large infrastructure projects. TATA TISCON 500D rebars are available in the following sizes at the retail/distribution network across India: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm available at the standard length of 12 meters.

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